Organic Intellectual: A Farbeon Photography Exhibition

Organic Intellectual: A Farbeon Photography Exhibition

curated by Jessica N. Pabón


bOb presents

Organic Intellectual: A Farbeon Photography Exhibition

Sales Benefitting The BronxBerlinConnection

Opening Wednesday, November 14, 2012 – 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!!!  After a limited run earlier this fall, bOb is proud to present Organic Intellectual: A Farbeon Photography Exhibition…

Hip Hop is not dead.  Hip Hop has never been dead.  Hip Hop will continue to live as long as artists, community organizers and fans—both young and old—take charge of defining and documenting the culture they love so dearly.  This photo exhibition is an attempt to prioritize the voice of the Organic Intellectual: the expert from the community, who far too often is ignored in favor of the traditional academic, philosopher or journalist.  Who better to ask about Hip Hop’s power and potential than the B-Girl in the cipher, the emcee in the recording studio or the DJ in mid-mix?  The photos in this exhibition document Hip Hop in its most intimate and creative spaces.  The photos in this exhibition are an ode to Hip Hop’s global pioneers, practitioners and aficionados alike.  Together we are Hip Hop!  Together we can use this culture to resist and change the status quo!  Together we can rock the planet!

·      Featuring live performances by members of the BronxBerlinConnection—Hip Hop artists from NYC and Berlin!

For more information, contact: Farbeon,, 646-552-9424


Sales from this exhibition go to the BronxBerlinConnectin, a year-round cross cultural exchange program that uses Hip Hop to engage young people from both NYC and Berlin, Germany. Using the same beats, common lyrical themes and different languages on two separate continents this program helps young people explore and express the unique experiences of urban youth around the world, the critical challenges they face and the solutions necessary to enact change in their communities.  For more information please visit