Erotica67 Solo Exhibition — “Pornograff: Cheap and Dirty”

Pornograff: Cheap and Dirty

A solo exhibition of work by graffiti artist Erotica67 

Curated by Eileen Quaranto


Opening Reception: Tuesday, October 1st, 2013, 6-9pm

Exhibition Dates: October 1st–November 3rd, 2013

Pornograff: Cheap and Dirty is a solo exhibition of works by graffiti artist Erotica 67. Drawing inspiration from raw graffiti and pure sexual energy to express the natural beauty of the nude figure, Erotica’s strives infuse her graffiti-based works with erotic imagery expressing desire and uninhibited sexuality.

It is part of Erotica’s nature to explore beauty and sexuality through art. The daughter of a master artist, Erotica learned from her father at a young age that pornographic magazines serve as prime references for nude figures. Drawing upon the beauty of a woman’s curves, Erotica’s father was able to accentuate the features of the female nude in his artwork by consulting these crucial references. Whether it was a peasant woman breast-feeding a baby, or naked women flying in the clouds along side parrots, the subject matter and thematic elements of her father’s artwork were Erotica’s true inspiration.

In High School, Erotica dropped her first tag name Kitty—a name she had used since the fifth grade—when she encountered the work of Vaughn Bode and his character Dead Bone Erotica. The character resonated with the young artist and reminded her of her father’s drawings, although more simplified and cartoon-like. It was then that Erotica chose to relinquish the name Kitty for the more mature Erotica 67.

Having been surrounded by graffiti since the old-school days of the seventies and eighties, Erotica has continued to work toward refining her unique style. A member of FLY I.D. Crew and an advocate of women in the arts and graffiti subculture, she works to influence females in the scene by teaching young women the basics of lettering and motivating them to take charge of their artistic lives. She continues to be influenced artistically through life experience, keeping her work exciting and unique.


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