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Erotica67 Solo Exhibition — “Pornograff: Cheap and Dirty”

Pornograff: Cheap and Dirty

A solo exhibition of work by graffiti artist Erotica67 

Curated by Eileen Quaranto


Opening Reception: Tuesday, October 1st, 2013, 6-9pm

Exhibition Dates: October 1st–November 3rd, 2013

Pornograff: Cheap and Dirty is a solo exhibition of works by graffiti artist Erotica 67. Drawing inspiration from raw graffiti and pure sexual energy to express the natural beauty of the nude figure, Erotica’s strives infuse her graffiti-based works with erotic imagery expressing desire and uninhibited sexuality.

It is part of Erotica’s nature to explore beauty and sexuality through art. The daughter of a master artist, Erotica learned from her father at a young age that pornographic magazines serve as prime references for nude figures. Drawing upon the beauty of a woman’s curves, Erotica’s father was able to accentuate the features of the female nude in his artwork by consulting these crucial references. Whether it was a peasant woman breast-feeding a baby, or naked women flying in the clouds along side parrots, the subject matter and thematic elements of her father’s artwork were Erotica’s true inspiration.

In High School, Erotica dropped her first tag name Kitty—a name she had used since the fifth grade—when she encountered the work of Vaughn Bode and his character Dead Bone Erotica. The character resonated with the young artist and reminded her of her father’s drawings, although more simplified and cartoon-like. It was then that Erotica chose to relinquish the name Kitty for the more mature Erotica 67.

Having been surrounded by graffiti since the old-school days of the seventies and eighties, Erotica has continued to work toward refining her unique style. A member of FLY I.D. Crew and an advocate of women in the arts and graffiti subculture, she works to influence females in the scene by teaching young women the basics of lettering and motivating them to take charge of their artistic lives. She continues to be influenced artistically through life experience, keeping her work exciting and unique.


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Type Crazy: A Solo Exhibition of Works by Andrea von Bujdoss AKA Queen Andrea


Opening Reception August 13th, 2013 at 7pm

Exhibition open for viewing: August 13th –September 22nd, 2013

Type Crazy, a solo exhibition of paintings, prints, and collage works by graffiti artist and typographer Andrea von Bujdoss AKA Queen Andrea, is inspired by the artist’s endless love for typography and graffiti letterforms. With a visual language that is consistently bold and bombastic, Andrea’s new works serve as intricate and intense explorations of geometry, color, and form.  Her custom, hand-drawn typography expresses a full range of styles—including sign painting, script, and vintage advertisement lettering—spelling out lyrics from popular rap songs by artists such as Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, and Jeru the Damaja. Featured in this exhibition is Andrea’s new series of collage works—ripped, torn, and pasted together into energetic compositions—which will invite the viewer to find typographic messages referring to the vibrancy and creative flavor of urban life.

The excitement, color, diversity and crazy energy of city life, and especially graffiti, is where Andrea finds her creative inspiration. Renegade cutting-edge art forms, brash subcultures and lifestyles that have sprang forth from an ever-changing urban metropolis give her the visual stimulus, the guts, and the urge to create and innovate. Her artistic style is influenced as much by her love of typography as it is themes of urban life, female superheroes, fame, the advertising age, the golden age of Hip Hop, funk and rap music, geometry, cartooning, symbolism, sign painter lettering, bling, diamonds and bright lively color.

Andrea von Bujdoss AKA Queen Andrea is a New York City based fine artist, illustrator, self-taught graffiti artist, and graphic designer. After earning her BFA in Graphic Design from Parsons School of Design, Andrea has worked for worldwide brands and has been featured in major art shows, toy shows, magazines, books, fashion lines and brand collaborations. She has also curated and exhibited in numerous exhibitions nationally, and is currently focusing on national and international solo exhibitions.

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Wild Thing: Artwork by Sharon de la Cruz AKA Miss 163

Sharon de la Cruz aka MS163

Opening Reception: July 3rd, 7pm
Exhibition open for viewing: July 3rd –August 11th, 2013

Curated by Eileen Quaranto


bOb Bar is pleased to present Wild Thing, an exhibition of work by graffiti artist MS163. Please join us for an opening reception on Wednesday, July 3rd to meet the artist and celebrate her work.

In MS163’s series Wild Thing, the fictional yet familiar character “Max” from Where the Wild Things Are (1963) performs the role of the iconic Ruby Bridges—a crucial player in the civil rights movement and desegregation in 1960s New Orleans. On the one hand, MS163 celebrates the centrality of women of color in national sociopolitical movements; on the other, she begs the spectator to consider how women of color are used by these same movements. Wild Thing asks: how was Ruby, at 6 years old, deployed as a symbol of femininity, fragility, and respectability for the betterment of the African American community?

Sharon Lee De La Cruz is a prolific artist and activist in New York City. She earned a BFA from The Cooper Union, is a Fulbright scholar, and is now an MA candidate in NYU’s ITP program. She has shown in numerous venues throughout the New York metropolitan area, notably during Armory Week 2012 at the Bronx River Arts Center. She has been awarded residencies at Wonder Women and 365 Days of Print. Additionally, De La Cruz has designed a limited edition perfume bottle for Calvin Klein’s CK One Shock Street Edition For Her.



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Exterior Decorating with Mike See: Beautifying New York City’s Walls and Open Spaces

Exterior Decorating with Mike See:
Beautifying New York City’s Walls and Open Spaces


curated by Eileen Quaranto

Opening Reception March 6th, 2013 at 7pm
Exhibition open for viewing: March 3rd –April 14th, 2013

bOb Bar is pleased to present Exterior Decorating with Mike See, a solo exhibition of work by Brooklyn-based visual artist Mike See. Please join us on Wednesday, March 6th from 7:00PM to 10:00PM to meet the artist and celebrate his work.

Prompted by a desire to aestheticize New York’s public space, Mike See’s street art is both whimsical and socially motivated.  The artist’s solo exhibition is a presentation of his work in the street alongside his studio works. Offering us a glance at New York City’s streets through his own eyes in this indoor exhibition, Mike See strives to bridge the gap between interior and exterior art.

Mike See is a visual artist based out of Brooklyn. His work has included religious and pop iconography, beasts of the wild, and conscious propaganda. He is currently working on a multi-dimensional performance installation featuring Sara Mearns, principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, and renowned cellist Wade Davis of the Peabody Institute.

For more information, please contact the curator at